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The bears featured on this page are available for rehoming.
We do our best to be accurate with descriptions and will always mention any repairs or damage that we are aware of.
All bears are guaranteed bug free and are ready to join any hug without the need for quarantine.
Please view our 'contact us' page for details on how to adopt a bear, and our terms and conditions.

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c1950s Sooty Bear.

A sweet little 'Sooty' bear in very good condition. Measuring approx 12", this lovely chappie has hand blown glass eyes and is five way jointed. Made from a rich golden yellow cotton plush with contrasting black ears and paw pads, he has just enough sag to make him look extra appealing. Probably Eastern European in origin. Please take a look at our other Sooty items. 

ONLY £25
c1950s Sooty Bear - Item no OB023
50/60s Sooty Egg Cup - Item no OB036
50/60s Sooty Egg Cup

Made by the Keele Street Pottery, this lovely little egg cup depicts Sooty hard at work doing his clock repairs. In a delicate pastel green the egg cup is marked 'Keele St Pty, reg by Sooty concessions Ltd No643???'. There are two small hairline cracks to the top edge, however as they are towards the rear they do not notice at all when displayed.  


50/60s Sooty Egg Cup

Made by the Keele Street Pottery, this lovely little egg cup depicts Sooty ready to start work with his hammer, what a busy boy! Sooty himself is in raised relief, standing against a tree, the back of which has been carved with a love heart saying 'Sooty'. The egg cup is marked 'Keele St Pty, reg by Sooty concessions Ltd No 743610'.  In excellent mint condition.

50/60s Sooty Egg Cup - Item no OB038
Hand made vintage rocking horse - Item no OB011
Hand Made Vintage Rocking Horse

This incredible model rocking horse is all hand made by a craftsman. At least 25 years old, it was lovingly created by John Stafford of Hayle (label to underside of rocker). Measuring 18" x 11" it is carved from hardwood and painted a dappled grey. Complete with real horse hair mane and tail and beautifully made leather saddle and bridle. This lovely horse displays wonderfully alone, but also looks fantastic with a teddy or doll on its back. Completely unique, ooak!


1920s American Bear
13" tall, almost cat-like in appearance, golden mohair  (mohair coverage approx 60%, some thinning and baldness), boot button eyes. Paw pads have been professionally replaced, voice box inoperative. So Sweet!

c1920s American Teddy - Item no OB001

50s Chiltern Hugmee - Item no OB117

1950s Chiltern Hugmee

A fabulous ted - 21" tall, 5 way jointed , golden mohair (some thinning to frontal areas), velveteen paw pads (all in excellent condition), non-operative push squeaker, plastic eyes, moulded plastic 'dog' nose. Clean and strong, a really great bear to cuddle!


1920s Chiltern Hugmee

An absolutely fabulous 22" tall, classic Chiltern design. Five way jointed, golden mohair, all original linen paw pads. Long spoon shaped arms ending in four claws, five claws to feet (one stitch missing to each foot). Long snout, nose stitching with raised outer edges, slight hump to back. Good overall fur coverage, thinning to back of head. Old hand blown clear glass eyes, one has been cracked in half and glued back together. Strangely, one ear appears to have been replaced, however, the stitching and discolouration indicates that this was done a very long time ago and the ear is probably not much newer than the bear itself!


c1920s Chiltern - Item no OB123

1970s Merrythought - Item no OB044

HUGE 1970s Merrythought

 An enormous 30" tall,  5 way jointed , made from Champagne tipped plush. In excellent clean and undamaged condition, with brushed nylon paw pads, also in perfect condition. Soft stuffed with plastic eyes and original stitched on 'Merrythought' label to right foot. So big and beautiful, a true bargain!

Amazing, Only £35 to Clear

c1940s Eastern European, Mint

This chap is rather a star in the bear world having featured in an article in TBCI magazine! He was bought in the 1940s, wrapped up, packed away in a cupboard and forgotten about! When he was rediscovered 60 years later he was still in perfect mint condition, except that his filling had completely disintegrated and he was as flat as a pancake! He was restuffed, and is now looking for someone to teach him how to live and love. 19" tall, 5 way jointed, golden cotton plush, hand blown glass eyes. Lovely!


c1940s E European - Item no OB102

1930s French Bear - Item no OB009

c1930s French Bear

13" tall, plush fur, originally blue (as can be seen in the joints and ears etc) with red paw pads and ear linings. Four way rod jointed (fixed head), wood wool stuffed throughout, no growler.Original glass eyes with painted bright yellow backs. Very good original condition, a little darling!

1940s Chad Valley, Big and Beautiful
Measuring approx 23" this handsome fellow is made from gloriously soft golden mohair. Rexine paw pads with square mark on foot where label used to be. Original dark reddish amber glass eyes (one unfortunately cracked and missing 1/3). Fur has extremely good coverage with very little wear. Oh what a stunner!


1940s Chad Valley - Item no OB126

40/50s Invicta - Item no OB005

40/50s Invicta

Awwww, now how cute is this little bear? She's obviously had a life full of loving, but through no fault of her own, finds herself homeless and unloved! Measuring 12", she is made from golden mohair, although there is very little fur left now, and she is generally bald all over. She is 5 way jointed, and has heart-melting hand-blown blue glass eyes. She has canvas paw pads, one of which has had some darning, and they all show signs of discolouration and some staining. She has an inoperative growler and a small darn to her stomach. She has Invicta's distinctive brown nose and mouth stitching. She is wearing a straw sunhat to make herself feel prettier. The hat is pinned to her head, which I found rather worrying, but she assures me that she feels no pain! A strong little bear with loads of life and loving left to give.



1940s Chiltern Bear

Simply gorgeous example of this popular make. Measuring 18"  this beautiful boy is made from high quality golden mohair. which is in really excellent condition. There is some thinning on the arms and along his facial seams and to his tummy, but no actual bald patches. His rexine paw pads have flaked leaving just the backing fabric, but they are not actually holey. He has a wood wool stuffed head and soft body and limbs. He has had the claws on one 'hand' pad replaced, but apart from that he is all original. He has glass eyes in a deep reddish colour and an inoperative growler. He is beautifully clean and soft, a delight to hug!


1940s Chiltern - Item no OB090

English Bear - Item no OB086

c1940/50s English Bear

Measuring approx 16",  golden mohair (good overall coverage), glass eyes, five way jointed. All original, but maker unknown. What you see is what you get!


1930/40s Invicta, Wow, Wow, Wow!
I have never seen such a beauty as this Invicta. From a fairly short lived factory, these bears are few and far between, especially in this condition. 19" tall, lush long golden mohair (100% coverage as far as I can see), Rexine paw pads (good with some cracking), hand blown domed amber glass eyes, vertically stitched brown thread nose. So soft, a real delight to hold. Please ask for further photos in order to fully appreciate him.


c1940 Invicta - Item no OB122

c1960s Tara - Item no OB125

1960 Tara Toys
A little Sweetheart! 11", blonde mohair (approx 80% coverage), Rexine paw pads, four way jointed (fixed head), dark amber glass eyes, felt nose. Remains (rather shredded) of red and white cloth label to foot, reads 'made in Republic of Ireland'.


c1920/30s American Knickerbocker
12" tall, long cinnamon mohair (approx 50% coverage, general balding and thinning especially to back). Five way jointed, original hand blown clear glass eyes with painted red backs. Small stitched tongue. Replaced paw pads. Such a cheeky little expression!

1920/30s Knickerbocker - Item no OB012

40s Hermann - Item no OB087

c1940s German, possibly Hermann

Gorgeous solid German bear, 19" tall, unusual cinnamon mohair (90% coverage), glass eyes with painted backs, working growler, felt paw pads (small amateur repair to right paw pad), open mouth with felt lining. All in all a lovely vintage teddy! Has to be seen to appreciate its beauty, and SO great to cuddle!



Robert Raikes 'Paisley'

18" tall, Ltd Edition 312/500, 'Paisley' rabbit by Robert Raikes USA. Famous for his bears and animals featuring carved wooden faces and feet. Purple mohair with gold highlighted paisley fabric. Signature to foot, stitched in label to back and complete with hanging wooden edition number tag. Fully jointed, 100% mint condition.


Robert Raikes - Item no OB051

Paddington Book - Item no MISC010

'Bearly Believable' (My part in the Paddington Bear Story) by Shirley Clarkson, HB rrp £16.99
This fantastic book would make the perfect Christmas present for any Paddington Bear fan. Brand new hard back book (210 pages) that tells the story of the lady behind Gabrielle Designs, and how our favourite soft toy was created. "Bearly Believeable is the hilarious story of how Shirley Clarkson grew her company, Gabrielle Designs, from a tiny spare-room business selling tea cosies in Doncaster into an international business shipping Paddington Bears all over the world...and then watched it collapse. With no business experience, no capital, just £100 of backing, and a copy of Michael Bond's book for inspiration, Shirley came up with the original - now classic - Paddington. Manufacturing from a collection of ramshackle farm buildings, she was hit by a wave of orders from retailers, as the world went Paddington-crazy. From Toyko to Sydney to San Francisco, everybody wanted him. As sales skyrocketed, Shirley and her husband Eddie experienced the giddy feeling of success, then the stresses of growth. Turnover leapt to a million a year, Gabrielle Designs was hailed as a British success story, and Shirley was invited to meet the Queen on her visit to Doncaster Mansion House. Meanwhile, storm clouds gathered. The work force went on strike, 50,000 bears had to be recalled because of faulty eyes, Eddie was ill in bed for a year, and the pipes at the factory burst. Shirley employed a professional manager to rescue the situation - who turned out to be illiterate, dishonest and incompetent. The '70's moved on, the craze faded, and the tide went out on Paddington as fast as it had come in. Shirley tells her rollercoaster story with warmth, modesty and a blunt Yorkshire wit. For fans of Paddington, her book provides a delightful insight into how a simple bear became a worldwide icon; for students of business, it provides lessons in how to create a business and, more particularly, how not to run one; for those who appreciate tales of triumph and adversity, it is packed with more ups and downs than Paddington's paw in a jar of marmalade".
ONLY £2.99 (plus postage at cost)


1970s Aunt Lucy by Gabrielle Designs

 Fur is in excellent clean condition, a truly lovely bear. She still has her two shawls, braid trimmed skirt (elastic on skirt and bloomers has perished) and hat, broidery anglais trimmed bloomers and brown parcel label. Unfortunately she has lost her coins and her felt shoes, and there is a hole to the top of her hat. I'm not 100% certain that her glasses are original. Label to back of bear, one tiny hole to foot. Please ask if you need further photos.


1970s Aunt Lucy - Item no OB067

1970s Paddington - Item no OB008


1970s Paddington Bear by Gabrielle Designs

Approx 20" tall, wearing all original clothes (hat with safety pin, crisp red felt duffle coat, blue Dunlop size 20 wellington boots), Complete with card luggage label and sewn in label to upper back (copyright 1972). Bear is in excellent clean condition, but with slight fading to front of coat and hat. Absolutely 100% genuine and original, a beautiful example.


C1960 Pedigree

A good honest no-frills bear! 17" tall, clean, soft golden mohair, good overall coverage (approx 95%). Plastic eyes, five way jointed, vertically stitched nose, velveteen paw pads (all perfect). A sweet little chap who deserves to be loved!


C1960 Pedigree - Item no OB124

Barbara-Ann Bear - Item no OB112

Barbara Ann Bear
Absolute Bargain! OOAK, Hand-dyed Bright Pink string mohair. This gorgeous huge (approx 23") armful of wacky zanyness is typical of the hand made bears produced by the award-winning Barbara-Ann. Made about 6 years ago, this lovely bear is in mint condition (unfortunately missing her documentation). With soulful hooded eyes, multi-coloured nose and suedette paw pads, she still retains her sewn-in label. Being re-homed by her owner, she is available for an unrepeatable price. (Please note, this bear is VERY heavy!)

c1940/50s British Bear

Possibly Lefray. Approx 15" tall, fully jointed, good quality mohair, some balding to tummy and head. Glass eyes, velveteen paw pads (one hand pad has been half replaced). A nice traditional teddy bear, looking for cuddles.


Possible Lefray - Item no OB090


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